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We relocated to Central New York

and reopened on March 10,2020.

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April 21, 2020


Naoki and Michiko Ozu

Beta version

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Tea story (final paint)
Ozus pastry shop counter

Healthy European-Inspired Japanese Bakery


We use high quality ingredients and Kyoto Matcha. Our cakes, cookies and bread are also packed with special care by using fabrics and ribbons from Japan. Our company believes that food should be healthy,

delicious and pleasing to the eyes.

  Ozu's Organic Matcha Pastry


This site is beta version. You can see our products.but you can't order from this site. Please Click "Order Now" and Order your pastries from official our page.

Menu List

All The Goodness


Take in all that we have to offer at Ozu's Organic Matcha Pastry. We provide our customers with the best, most delicious, and of course, freshest products in the New York area. Our customers rave about our Japanese Pastries inspired European.If you’re curious as to why, stop by our store to experience it for yourself. We guarantee that once you do, you’ll soon understand what the buzz is all about.

Quality Goods


Our Fresh Cookies will have you on the train to flavor town in a matter of minutes. A favorite among many of our customers, not to mention a staff favorite. Purchase this yummy food today, before they’re all gone! Flavors so good your taste buds will thank you.

Authentic Flavor


Are you constantly craving something satisfying and delicious on those warm days? Look no further, because we have exactly what you need! At Ozu’s Organic Matcha Pastry we carry a variety of products, including Matcha Sesame Pudding, which will be sure to gratify your taste buds. Wondering how you can get your hands on this cool hot item? See below to purchase it for yourself today!

Like what you see? Stop by the store for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Cupcake and family(Bouchons)
Cupcake and family(cookie)
Cupcake and family(shortbread)
Mr Chiffon and family(Pulmanbread)
In the Kitchen
Our Philosophy

Cookies, bread and cakes can be a big part of a person’s life, bringing back heartfelt memories from our past. As people get older, they tend to avoid pastries for health reasons. When people buy our products, they can still enjoy sweets without worrying about the ingredients (artificial and preservatives) unlike most items that are being sold today. We also believe in eating healthy plus being socially responsible to our planet at the same time. NYC is one of the most diverse cities in the world and the interest in Japanese culture is rising. There seems to be a lack of Asian pastries that exist with strong emphasis on high quality, healthy ingredients, Euro-Asian fusion and being sensitive to the environment. We want to change this. Our pastries will spread Japanese culture to the world and promote healthy habits.


Our Philosophy -
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Who We Are

How It All Began

Ozu’s Organic Matcha Pastry is a Gourmet Food Online Bakery founded in 2017. Our products are made of the highest-quality ingredients, and we guarantee to only serve you with the freshest products available in New York area. Our prices are flexible and our yummy foodies will surely make you come back for more!


Who We are -
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About Us

Hi Everyone! We are Naoki & Michiko Ozu. We are a husband and wife team. Naoki is a mechanical engineer with 20 years of experiences working for popular Japanese corporations such as Hitachi. He likes football (soccer in America), rock music and bringing his ideas to life. Michiko studied English Literature at Columbia and Psychology at NYU. She enjoys reading classics, science, drawing and writing poetry. We believe we can merge our diverse knowledge and skills into something new and meaningful for people around the world.

About Us -
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We care about your health. Our pastries use high quality ingredients.  Some ingredients do not exist in organic form yet so we will not be able to guarantee our pastries to be 100% organic. Our cakes and cookies are putting with at least 70% organic ingredients. We hope to be organic certified in the future.

Our Tea Story

Early Beginnings

  • Our Tea Story
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I started drinking tea at a very young age. When most young children switch from milk to juice, I went straight to tea. I was born in Myanmar and was lucky to have different cultural experiences. I look forward to drinking tea with my grandparents every day. My grandparents kept my imagination active. At age 6, I moved to America and lost contact with my grandparents. I never saw them again. I missed everything about them and those tea times together. Whenever I drink tea, I always think about them and feel that I can somehow relive those happy times from my childhood.

I met my husband and our thoughtful minds connected to start a Matcha pastry business with a focus on aesthetics presentation.

My husband, Naoki, is from Mie Japan. We got married in 2014 and he moved to NYC for me. He increases my knowledge of Japanese culture especially with tea and sweets. His family enjoys eating sweets. His grandmother and aunt can make very delicious milk pudding. They know how to make special Japanese Mochi (rice cake) with red beans. When he was a child, he is very excited to visit their house. They made sweets and shared it with him. He learned that it’s important to drink tea when eating sweets. Tea can help relieve the sweetness. Naoki’s mother knows a traditional way of drinking Matcha called “urasenke.” Occasionally, she would make tea for the family. Sweets and tea are constant themes from his childhood. Naoki and I came from very different educational backgrounds. He studied mechanical process engineering and worked for popular corporations like Hitachi.

I studied art, literature and psychology at Columbia and NYU. I could not find a job easily after graduation. I think the mains reasons are my dyslexia and ADHD. I suffered from these two conditions since I was a child. Even with the daily struggles, ADHD and dyslexia come with many positive traits. Some of them include visual thinking, creativity and problem solving. I want to use my creativity and positive childhood memories for my career. Therefore, my husband and I thought of Ozu’s Organic Matcha Pastry.

Ozu’s Organic Matcha Pastry believes in eating healthy plus being socially responsible to our planet at the same time. The interest in Japanese culture continues to grow. It’s still hard to find Asian pastries with strong emphasis on high quality, healthy ingredients, Euro-Asian fusion and being sensitive to the environment. We want to change this.

Our online bakery will go a step forward in creating healthy Japanese baked goods by only using Authentic Matcha from Kyoto & inspired by popular European pastries. We put special care in our baking process by selecting fine ingredients. Extra time will be used on the presentation and packing processes. We hope to do this by packing our pastries with ribbons and fabrics from Japan. There will be a different design every two weeks. This can influence people to start a collection or even lead to other creative outlets. A future possibility might be Michiko’s poetry and art.

Our company believes that food should be healthy, delicious and pleasing to the eyes.

Green tea is good for your health.

Matcha is Super Food.

Matcha's Health Benefits

1. Food poisoning prevention (Catechin)


2. Regulate the stomach (Catechin)


3.Prevents cancer and lifestyle-related diseases (Catechin)


4.Blood cholesterol inhibition (Catechin)


5.Cold prevention (Catechin, Vitamin C)


6.Tooth decay and bad breath prevention (Catechin-fluorine)


7.Anti-allergy (Catechin, Saponin)


8.Improve blood flow (Saponin)


9.Hypertension improvement (Catechin, Theanine)


10.Relaxation of muscles (Theanine)


11.Insomnia prevention and sleep promotion (Theanine)


12.Premenstrual syndrome and menopause symptom relief (Theanine)


13.Fatigue recovery and awakening (Caffeine)


14.Dementia prevention (Caffeine)


15.Green tea is delicious without vertigo


16. Help with diet




18. Detox effect

Kyoto's Matcha

From May to August, new green leaves will be growing in Japan. Mountains, seas and the ocean surround Japan. On the slope of the mountain, you can find green tea gardens and rural landscapes spreading throughout the ground. The Japanese tea production areas are Shizuoka, Kyoto, Aichi, Mie’s Ise. Ise is very popular and the Japanese Prime Minister Abe held a summit there in 2015 for leaders from all around the world. Another famous place for Matcha is Kyoto. Kyoto has a very long history with Matcha.


When I visited Kyoto, I passed in front of a teashop. I don’t know what is the correct expression. But there was a strong, sweet and roasted smell. It was a very good smell. It is like an aroma. Matcha is very special to me. My mother had known about Matcha. She learned “Urasenke” for a long time. Occasionally my mother would make tea. My wife grew up drinking tea as early as age 3. Tea brings back precious memories with her grandparents. A famous person named “Sen No Rikyuu” spread Matcha in Japan. He created the “Omotesenke” and “Urasenke” methods for tea ceremony.


Japan is known for “tea ceremonies.”


Its way is very profound. It is not simply drinking tea. The ceremony begins with a bow and ends with an expression of gratitude. The main difference is “Omote senke” tea does not need to be whisked. “Urasenke” involves whisking. The tea will form small bubbles on the surface. These bubbles add a mellow sweetness to the bitterness of tea. Matcha is an important part of Japanese culture. It is a way to soothe a tired body. If you eat sweets or deep fried foods, drinking Matcha can help you feel relieved.


Matcha relaxes your mind and you can experience the moments of healing.


We wish we could share the charms of Matcha with everyone.

  • Matcha Memory
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Japanese Fabric

Kimono is a very important part of Japanese Culture.

Our bakery spend extra time on the presentation and packing process.


We hope to do this by packing our pastries with ribbons and fabrics from Japan.


There will possibly be a different design on special day.

About Mason Jar

We are caring about food’s freshness.

The history of the Mason jar goes back to over 100 years ago.


This Mason jar was invented by Mr. Mason.


This jar can help maintain freshness and has good points.


  • Thick glass is used.

  • The lid has double structure and secure closing. (The lid consists of a rubber grip and the other part is for fastening the jar tightly)

  • Clear glass (Makes it easier to see the content)

  • This glass can be decorated


Generally, the mason jar can keep food fresh for 5 days if it is keep in the refrigerator. If it is keep in the freezer, the freshness can be maintained for 1 month.


BUT keeping it in the refrigerator comes with a risk


Virus will increase if the mason jar is not wash and clean properly.


We use this jar for keeping Taiyaki and Pudding fresh


We take precautions to prevent viruses from increasing.


<For disinfection>


  1. We boil jar for 10 minutes over 194℉ (90℃)

  2. We dry it naturally

  3. We use clean gloves when we treat jar.


  <For Antioxidant>


We put Oxygen Absorber into jar for keeping pastry’s freshness.


<For Blocking Air>


We heat seal the jar by covering it with a PE bag.


<For keeping low temperature>


We keep low temperature (5-10℃) by using Cooling Packs.

Mason Jar
About Packing/Handling

We have great responsibility and pride when delivering our cakes to you. Every order is hand-packed and handled with care so that it will arrive to your door in mint condition.

Delivery (For Catering) - This service stopped 

Delivery hours:  Mon – Fri     11AM – 3:30 PM (Tea time)

Distance:  16 Mile (Brooklyn area), 25 Mile (Manhattan area)

Delivery Fee:   We use car service for delivery.

The price below is an estimate. <Round trip price>
$40 & up (Brooklyn area)
$80 & up (Manhattan area)

Please order cakes 7 days before your special date.

(We need  the shortest 3 days for preparing cakes after we confirmed your order)

Delivering method (In preparation / Not available yet)

  • We are asking to delivery to out of staff for special delivery. (Delivery company)

◆ Order

   1. Slice Cake, Cookie : Minimum 2 packs (Cake is 4 slices or Cookie is 12 pieces)

   2. Pudding : Minimum 3 cups

Delivering fee is ($ 10) - Pending

◆ After payment is confirmed, We will start make our cakes closest date on our calendar schedule. It will take about 1 week normally.

◆ Delivery date can not be specified.Time designation is possible.

◆ We may cancel your order because it can not be delivered.(Please look at our delivery area.)

Shipping method

We use "Etsy" company for shipping.

  • Shipping Fee: Please see shipping estimated price list.

  • Shipping Area:  Within for 2 days from NYC 

We pack your cake very carefully with ice gel and plastic foam because we want you to enjoy

it fresh!

We only send cakes to addresses that can be delivered within 2 days from NY (zip code Before 11223 -> 3/11/2020 updated: New 13492). Please visit the USPS priority mail site at https://www.usps.com/priority-mail/map/ to check if we can ship to your address.

We are so sorry about international shipping. We can’t send our pastries to you until far place yet.

The reason is two.
1. Shipping fee is still so expensive. 

2. We can’t keep freshness. (We have to use freezing method like dry ice for our cakes)

We challenge to find better way for shipping future. Please wait until it become available.


Please acknowledge it beforehand.

1. Orders can only be delivered from Monday to Thursday.

    Deliveries will be made from Tues day to Friday.

2. The cakes are delivered with freshness, wrapped and set in a

Eco friendly bag and box (Shipping: reusing hard plastic box) with oxygen absorber and cool gel.

3. A 48-hour notice is required to produce the cake. Another 24 hours is required for delivery.


4. We are not responsible for weather-related delays. We may delay delivery when severe

 weather develops.

1. Delivery Estimate

Because all we are handmade, we require a few days to prepare delivering. Please refer to the delivering schedule for more information. All cakes are delivered by a special delivery staff. To ensure your cake arrives in time, please order a full 7 days before your desired delivery. Holidays that fall on a weekday will delay the delivery date accordingly.

Please refer to the table below for an estimate of when you may expect delivery of your cakes.

Order Placed —> Earliest Available Delivery Date

Delivery week —> Brooklyn Area (1st week, 3rd week) / Manhattan Area (2nd week, 4th week)

Please check our delivery area and schedule.


2. Delivering

Deliveries are only made Tuesday through Friday. We will email you a tracking number upon processing your order. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please contact us immediately. To check the status of your delivery, please refer to your tracking number and correlating service provider. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. We do not require signature for delivery.Orders sent to multi-unit dwelling, such as apartment buildings, may not be released unless someone is home to accept them.We are unable to replace items unless our fault. (If our pastry’s quality were very bad the reason by our making process’s fault clearly, we immediately

do to replace items.)

4. Cancellation/Change Order

Cancellation, order change, address change need to be advised to Our business days (by 5:00pm EST/We accept it on Email.) prior to your requested delivery date.

We will not be able to change delivery address, content, or recipient information once we delivered out your cake.

5. Refunds or Exchanges

We do everything possible to deliver according to schedule, but are not responsible for deliveries that are delayed due to weather or “Acts of God.” We do not offer refunds or exchanges after the order is placed.

Please note that we will not assume responsibility for any incorrect addresses provided to us.

Please inspect your package immediately upon receipt. All claims must be filed within 24 hours of receipt.

- Incorrect or incomplete delivering address

- Lost/stolen deliveries once the cake is delivered

- Delays caused during peak holiday seasons

- Weather-related delivery issues

- Cakes that become unusable because of failure to follow instructions (on the package) by the recipient

With that said, we want to give you the best and most delicious experience possible, so if you made an error in the ordering process, please contact us right away by email. ozupastry@gmail.com

6. Peak Seasons

The holiday season (ex. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s) is especially busy at Ozu's pastry. We cap the number of deliveries during the peak season to guarantee quality service

and accountability. Please order your cakes ahead of time.

Once we have reached the max orders for the day, the system will block out the date.

We highly recommend that you schedule your cake’s delivery date 7 days before your special date.

About For long -term absence and impersonation order

First of all we apologize that we must express such notation due to some malicious behavior about long-term absence and receipt refusal Sadly, malicious nuisances such as long-term absence, unknown location, refusal of receipt at the time of cash on delivery are occurring. In our shop, we decided to take the following measures unavoidably against such an act. Thank you for your understanding. 


◆ For long-term absence

 · Order returned to our shop due to refusal of receipt Cash on delivery shipping, shipping fee will be charged to the delivery agent at the time of shipping. At the time of shipment, our shop has been allowed to repay replacement. From the storage period, you can not contact the customer · In case of return due to long-term absence or in case of return due to refusal of receipt, we will send you the following price bill by mail. Please pay by bank transfer. 【Product price + regular return fare + cash on delivery fee + invoice shipping fee】 * Round trip regular fare is different from our shipping fee, it is the regular rate of shipping company. We will refuse your future use in our store. In case you can not accommodate the request from our store ask a lawyer to prepare an invoice by "content certification mail", together with the above-mentioned request and attorneys fee We will charge you. In this case the amount charged will be charged a high price. Please understand. In case you can not respond to the request made by "content certification mail" above We will carry out legal procedures at a summary court that has jurisdiction over our location. Since we will appear on the trial day, please bear the transportation fee to the court. Legal fees will also be borne by us, so please be forewarned. 


◆ Impersonation order · Responding to mischievous orders When imagining or ordering personal information of others (name, address, phone number, etc.) without permission. In addition to the above, it is applicable when there is an act causing annoyance / damage. In case of causing the trouble or damage to our shop or many good customers due to such malicious act as above, we immediately submit the damage report to the police and the police ask the provider to disclose the information, or our provisional disposition of disclosure.We will file an application to the court, exercise the disclosure order, we will claim damages after specifying the mischievous orderer. Also, if there is a request for investigation cooperation related to these damage, we will publish a list of malicious individual information such as those who have been refused acceptance of cancellation without cancellation or cash on delivery.


Please understand


About Ecology

We care about the Earth

We want to decrease the amount of garbage as much as possible. Plastic foam is useful for keeping food cool or warm. But afterwards, it takes up a lot of spaces as garbage.To solve this problem, we are planing to use recycle products instead of plastic box future. This is called “Eco Friendly Box” and it is made by recycle paper.
When people burn plastic, it creates dioxin.

Dioxin is one kind of poison. It causes many problems such as:

1. Weight loss    2.Hormone problems  3.Cancer

Our good habits will link to decrease garbage.


Our company enforce practices to protect the Earth

About Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Last updated: (25 May, 2018 )

Please read these Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions carefully.

Our company operates www.ozuspastry.com. This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of the site. We use your Personal Information only for providing and improving the Site. By using the site, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy. Information Collection And Use While using our Site, we may ask you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you. Personally identifiable information may include, but is not limited to your name (“Personal Information”).

GDPR Law        
Updating our Privacy Policy. (We added on our privacy policy - May 25, 2018)


  • GDPR compliance: We updated our Privacy Policy to comply with requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is the European Union data protection law that goes into effect May 25, 2018.


  • Making our Privacy Policy Easier to Understand


We’ve improved our Privacy Policy to have explained what information we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it to provide services.


1. What is GDPR?
After several years of discussion and coordination, the EU Council entered into General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), approved by 28 member countries, on May 24, 2016. Applications involving huge penalties (fine of 2.6 billion yen) and administrative penalties began on May 25, 2018.

Since GDPR broadly defines targeted "personal data", it includes not only US IT giants but also all of the personal information concerning European citizens, including the domestic privacy law of the EU and EEA (European economic area) as a whole Companies (including companies in other continents).

<Personal data>
 The European Union (EU) is strictly managing the personal information of EU citizens and seeking guarantee that personal data is safe throughout Europe.In particular,Extensive information on individuals, ranging from name, photo, email address, bank details, SNS posting and website update information, location details, medical information, computer IP address, biogenetic information, philosophy, tattoo is.

Since we are web operators (operating companies / organizations)
As a data administrator (Controller), we will take the following actions.

1. Define usage and processing process of data necessary for business
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3. Choose tools and contractors with systems, rules, functions that can correspond

    to GDPR
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Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us.


We are a small family business of only two people. We will not be able to make a lot of pastries per day. Our pastries are baked with a limited amount. We apologize if the order is full and sold out. Look at the table above for our baking schedule. Please refer to it before placing an order.


Reservations: Not available yet / In preparation

If you can wait 1-3 months, you can order our pastries by reservation. We will process the reservations by the order it is received.



Open : Monday to Friday

Close : Saturday, Sunday and Major Holidays


Online Reception: 24 Hours

 * Phone Contact: 10AM-1PM (Monday-Friday)

 * Phone (SKYPE):
 * Our phone number will be active until October 30, 2019.After October 30, 2019 you can contact us through email.

Email or Form Contact: ozupastry@gmail.com (Anytime)

Delivery (Catering):  This service stooped. (Not available)

Delivery hours:  Mon – Fri     11AM – 3:30 PM (Tea time)

Distance:  16 Mile (Brooklyn area), 25 Mile (Manhattan area)

Delivery Fee:   We use car service for delivery.
The price below is an estimate. <Round trip price>
$40 & up (Brooklyn area)
$80 & up (Manhattan area)

Please order cakes 7 days before your special date.(We need  the shortest 3 days for preparing cakes after we confirmed your order)

Delivery (Twice/day):  Not available yet / In preparation


We are asking to delivery to out of staff for special delivery. (Delivery company)


  For Tea time : 2PM-3PM


  For Dinner time: 7:30PM-8:30PM


<Order requirement: one day before delivery date>


Shipping: About 10AM-7PM (USPS)


We make our pastries at night. We were using commercial rent  kitchen in NYC.

<Rent Kitchen: 630 Flushing Ave 200 Brooklyn, NY 11206 -5026>


We highly recommend that you schedule your cake’s delivery date 7 days before your special date.


We’ve got the best tasting products waiting for you. Get in touch with us today to make your order!